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    Name Code Alliance Headquarters Country
Pampas Airlines AR --- Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE) Argentina
Pan Caribbean Airways CA AA Global Partners Panama City (PTY) Panama
Pan Kuwait PK AA Global Partners Kuwait (KWI) Kuwait
Pan Ukrainian PU AA Global Partners Kyiv (KBP) Ukraine
Panda Bear Airlines TBC Quality Connect Nanjing (NKG) China
Panda Bear Express PBE Quality Connect Hangzhou (HGH) China
Panda Leasing PL1 --- Nanjing (NKG) China
Panda Service Office 1 RS Quality Connect Service Group Zhengzhou (CGO) China
Panda Service Office 2 TSN Quality Connect Service Group Tianjin (TSN) China
Panda Service Office 3 TBT Quality Connect Service Group Cayman Brac Island (CYB) United Kingdom
Panda Service Office 4 PS4 Quality Connect Service Group Sun City (NTY) South Africa
Panda Service Office 5 PS5 Quality Connect Service Group Sun City (NTY) South Africa
PB International Airways PBI Monaco Skies Vienna (VIE) Austria
Peninsula Airbridge QW Wings of Quality Qingdao (TAO) China
Peninsula Airframe Handling Service PAH --- Xining (XNN) China
Peninsula Commuter G5 Wings of Quality Nanning (NNG) China
Peninsula Logistics CK --- Shanghai Pu Dong (PVG) China
PHP Airlines PHP Wings of Quality Zurich (ZRH) Switzerland
Polar Bear Airline PBA AA Global Partners Toronto Pearson (YYZ) Canada
polar Bear Group PBG --- Toronto Pearson (YYZ) Canada
Polar Bear Leasing PBS --- Toronto Pearson (YYZ) Canada
Pure Air PUR Wings of Quality Lahore (LHE) Pakistan
Pursuit Airline PRR --- Seoul Incheon (ICN) South Korea